The first school of Adena was Rehobeth, built in *1820, (1843) located just off of the Adena-York Road. Another schoolhouse was built on the East End of town on the road to Mt. Pleasant on the bank of shortcreek. In * 1839 (1855), district No 6, Smithfield Twp.accommodated students near Adena in the remote parts of the Rehobeth district. The first school house was a farm building of 20x30 feet. They usually held two school terms a year. The first beginning in September and continuing 6 months called the winter term. After a month's vacation, they had a spring term usually for the smallest children as the largest pupils were needed on farms and houses. At the close of the winter term, they usually had a dinner provided by the householders a treat given by the teacher, and oral examinations in all subjects in the forenoon followed by a literary program after dinner. The close of school always looked forward to a great deal of pleasure by both parents and pupils. In 1886, a request for funds was made to the Smithfield Township for funds to erect a new building to secure a new school. The request was granted and land was purchased for $125 from Squire William B. McLauglin, grandson of Settler, John McLaughlin) The grant was secured through the efforts of Robert Johnson who represented the Rehobeth District adjoining Adena. It contained the most beautiful playground in Smithfield township. The building was placed on West Main Street that is now an empty lot. In Sept. 1909,a High School had begun its first year in the former Grade School Building. High School classes then resumed in 1921 in the brick building next door. Standing next to the grade school, the high school consisted of an eight room brick building with an auditorium-gymnasium and was the pride of the community and was it's best in the county.
* The dates of when schools were built are debated, and as yet, not presently affirmed. If you have any information regarding the schools or captions of the classes, please email me. Thank you!


This information was obtained from the book,"Our Town Adena."