The Annual Adena Lions Club Minstrels

Minstrel Shows or Minstrelsy were performed around the 19th century as American entertainment consisting of comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music, performed by white people in black face and after the American Civil War, blacks in black face. Traveling minstrel companies came to towns to perform on stage bards, bringing along their own musical apparatus, themes, and costumes.

These traveling troubadours would seek townsfolk to partake with them to split the profit of the evening's performance. About sixty years ago, these types of shows were held usually in the spring of Adena, Cadiz, and Dillonvale. In those days these satires were what is also commonly known as variety shows lasting about 45 minutes to an hour. Minstrel shows appealed to the Adena Lions Club so they started planning, performing, singing, and starring, in their very own Minstrel Shows. The concept caught Adena's attention, so the Adena Lion's Club has sponsored their own minstrel shows for over sixty years as one of their largest fundraisers. Profits obtained from their productions aid community and projects of Lion's International.

John Parkinson, past Master of ceremonies has a renowned deep voice and is an affluent talent of the Lions Club Organization. He has several successors and has followed his fellow Lions Frank Hargrave, Bill Walker, Toni Biorski, and others who also hosted as Minstrel MC's.

Alike their former minstrel shows the Adena Lion's Club usually have two one-hour Spring shows that include a fifteen-minute intermission.

Here are some photos of the Adena Lion's Club Minstrels of past and present.

These photos from 1953-Showboat, 1957-Happy Times Minstrel, 1959-All Aboard, the Louisiana Hayride and the Best of the Years.
Mabel Boetticher claimed to have been part of traveling Minstrel shows before the Lion's Club shows began. The late Mabel and Irvin Boetticher wrote and directed Minstrel Shows for 25 years. In previous Adena Lion's Club Minstrel shows, they performed skits, such as Tarzan and Jane adding marital merriment to several productions. After Irwin's death, Mabel carried on her own affluent act as "Minnie Our Pearl," a lighthearted stand up act spin-off of the televised Laugh-In. Mabel received a standing ovation at her last performance in the 2005 show.

2010 Lions Club Minstrel pictures courtesy of Babette Voght.

[2007]The Adena Lion's club 58th annual minstrel entitled, "Route 66 - "Revin', Racin' and Roarin."
The production featured talent, skits, singing, and is a fun, enjoyable, event for all ages.


Black and White photos complimentary of John Parkinson.

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