The large wooden bridge in the center of town was built in 1858. Before the bridge was built, people had to ford the creek. In order to pay for it's construction, the bridge was a toll bridge at first. The old bridge stood through many changing scenes. Morgan's Raiders passed through it during the Civil War, and was it was finally torn town in 1913 and replaced with a covered bridge that served community travel for many years. In the 1930s, as Adena prospered, the covered bridge was replaced by a a tall metal bridge. As the steel industry began to thrive, these metal type bridges were built by local counties in several communities. In the 1950's the tall metal bridge was replaced by another steel bridge structure. It was painted blue in the year 2000. (Right)

In 1930, the old Iron Bridge was replaced with a cement bridge. The construction of this bridge changed the roadway. Another bridge located in Adena (not pictured) was an old covered bridge located in Foxes Bottom. Bottom Right, Mary Agnes Work Roski sits on the W. Main Street Bridge that was also used for skating fun.
(Photo submitted by S. Irene Satory.)

The West Main Street bridge built in Adena in 1930 was replaced in 2010. Twas obtained by a grant in 2005 from Harrison County officials. The reconstruction began in October 2009 and completed in April 2010. Its original design was replicated and widened with a walkway.

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